Our Process

 The process we take

Location Find out where your local BIG Health & Fitness access is
Trainers Have a chat with one of our trainers about any queries you may have.
External Meeting Have the option to meet a trainer before going into the gym
Gym Have a gym induction with one of our BIG Health & Fitness trainers
Our service is GP referral, so there is the possibility to be referred to BIG Health & Fitness via your GP. If you are interested in BIG Heath & Fitness, or have any questions we are happy to chat to you either by phone or email. If you would feel more comfortable meeting one of our trainers in an environment that is not the gym we can arrange for that to happen. If you are interested in joining BIG Health & Fitness we will arrange for you to have a gym induction with the same trainer that you have previously spoken to. During the induction you will be shown round the gym and will be given a little bit of information about the equipment. Once you become a member you will be given the option to be paired with one of our key workers. A key worker is a long standing member who is there to be an exercise buddy, not a trainer.
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